Monday, October 24, 2011

A summer where it all began...

Tara + Kyle
August 13, 2011

Please take time to look through these pictures...
Tara and Kyle gaze at one another as if they invented romance and later the dancefloor!  

I love, love, love these images by Caroline Ghetes pure and so!!  Caroline had a second shooter join her named Ashley Gillett.
With floral and decor by Jessica Gregory of Aria Floral...just brace yourselves because this event is GLORIOUS!

Tara + Kyle II


Micah Hartley
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I "Dew" declare...we are Smitten with these two!

Rebecca + Yates Dew
July 23, 2011

PURE FUN!!  From the moment I toured Rebecca and later met was solidified..these two know how to have fun...and certainly know how to plan a party!
The images below were featured in an issue of Smitten, an online magazine.  Leigh Webber is the photographer who skillfully nabbed these stunning images of a summer wedding on our dear Claxton Farm.  Hollie Wood Style and Stems brought Rebecca's decor ideas to life.  I especially loved the Vintage Music Wall made by her friends which adorned the dessert table by Take The Cake.  Also, we LOVED what they did to the ceiling of our event barn too...swags of burlap and cafe lights.  

Get Inspired! Thank you to all involved who made this event what it was...PURE FUN!
Bye for now...