Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Friday Wedding to adore...

Leah + Brock
September 16, 2011

We adore the brilliancy of each vendor involved with this wedding.  Thank you so, so much to Jeremy Russell Photography; we anticipate Jeremy's return in April 2012.  The Bloom Room, as always Stacey Brown and her team take us above and beyond dreams with decor and floral.  The Ceremony was cared for by Reverend Jacqui Weiks and musical compliments by Opal String Quartet.

Take note of the indoor ceremony set up...we are lucky to have such a beautiful back-up plan when Mother Nature shows us another side. 

Again, thank you to each and every person involved with this beautiful wedding, especially our M7 Event Staff. 

...bye for now...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stay tuned...Weddings Unveiled Feature to come...

Mona + John
September 17, 2011
Thank you to Weddings with Tara for taking a Claxton Farm wedding to the dream level they envisioned!
Here is a little teaser from...

Mona and John will be featured in the Winter Issue of Weddings Unveiled...stay tuned! 

 ...bye for now...

A September Love Spell!

Jenna + Harrison
September 10, 2011

These two are clearly under a spell...a love spell!
Peruse these images by Melissa Tuck and it is evident that they are totally in love with each other...I do believe everyone within a 30 mile radius of these two were in love that day!  

Harrison and Jenna were a complete blast to work with...every phone call, email and visit! While Jenna finished school, Harrison was the question king! :):):) The two of them made an incredible team during the planning and I am sure the rest of their life together will be naturally balanced.
We were thankful when they asked us to cater their Rehearsal Dinner too.  It was at PULP with a festive Mexican Bar!
Did I mention that we loved every moment of working with these two?!?!?!

I am just going to stare at this moon for a few more minutes!


Micah Hartley
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Labor Day of Love!

Lindsay + Craig
September 3, 2011

Labor Day weekend can be one of the most sought after times for a wedding.  All your family and friends take off work and plan a vacation to these peaceful mountains. Lindsay and Craig, along with their parents, planned a FABULOUS wedding with LOTS of DIY ideas.  Follow this LINK to see images of their incredibly special celebration!

Vendors who complimented their vision...

Aria Floral was able to work with Lindsay and Jodi, the Mother of the Groom for this supremely unique vision.  We loved the burlap, mixed with blues, golds and unexpected blend that turned out freshly beautiful!  Jessica Gregory never ceases to amaze us or her clients with her passion.

Brooke Images is composed of Ashley and Greg Granstad.  They traveled to the mountains from Jacksonville, Florida to shoot this wedding...feast upon these visuals...they are full of details. 
Be inspired!

Tiffany's Baking Co. is no stranger to delicious baked goods.  Here you will find her cupcakes and they were paired with pies baked into mini mason jars! Seriously cute and so , so good!  Tiffany needs to get ready for more orders on the mason jar pies...I'm just saying!! :) 

September, off to a good start...stay tuned for more September gems.


Micah Hartley
Event Sales Manager
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Summer love out shines the summer sun...

Kendall + Harrison
July 30, 2011

Red Hot!  These two booked Claxton Farm sight unseen.  In fact, Kendall and Harrison were in Honduras working with missions when family came to see what had Kendall so excited!  
I am sure they also wanted to double check what was pictured on our website actually existed!!  During the planning we did much over email and Skype.

This was a true DIY wedding!
Deborah, mother of the bride extraordinaire, along with a small army handled all the decorations and flowers!
Friends gave musical gifts for the ceremony...homemade jams as favors for the guests...and as you will see from the pictures, 200 of their closest friends and family came to celebrate!  
We maxed the barn out that night!

Soul Central with Jay Bird came over from Greensboro, NC to provide music for dancing while Cakes by Jane complimented the evening with a sweet Vanilla Pound Cake with fresh Strawberry layers.

The work of Nicole Roberts with Alively Photography is featured.  Take some time to peruse the fun she captured of this celebration.

We immensely enjoyed working with Deborah and Cathy (Mothers of B+G) and especially Kendall and Harrison.  When they saw Claxton for the first time, Kendall jumped on Harrison for a piggyback ride as he ran all over the field and she laughed.  
This fun-loving spirit was spread throughout the wedding and we are honored to have been a part! 

All the best to you Kendall + Harrison! 


Micah Hartley
Event Sales Manager
M7 Event Solutions at Claxton Farm
P.O. Box 6100 AshevilleNC 28816 
` phone 828.658.1390 ` fax 828.645.5666